Please Help Denon4308 or Yamaha3800


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i want to upgarde my sound but Im not sure which one i should go with

i have M&K 150THX with onkyo 803 for awhile but i saw the good deal 2nd hand and I think want to replace 803 with 905 but also have some hot option

btw denon 4308 and yamaha 3800 to go with my m&k 150
i heard 4308 have some iussed about bug HDMI etc.. i am not sure what is that..
my system
pioneer sd dvd 969
m&k 150thx 5.1 (but sub only V76) will replace to 350thx also

it is really good deal that they offer me :lease::lease::lease:

Tony From Thailand..


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Both are awesome amps - IMHO the Yamaha is just that bit better sound wise. Make sure you get a good deal on it though as it is due to be replaced very soon.



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Get The Denon the Yammy is to be superceded shortly, I owned the yammy for several weeks until i changed to a Denon 3808 which again i demoed again'st a 3800 and IMHO they sounded nigh on identical very little difference infact.

the Denon swung it for me though just basically because it can be firmware updated from home unlike the yammy plus the fact that available shortly is the audyssey upgrade which i think if you purchase the amp now may entitle you to the upgrade for free, I would check though first to be sure.


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Thank you both of you

i think i will go with 4308 now i try to contact the guy who wants sell it ..

hehehe :D:D:D i hope i can get it seems so many people want it

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