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Please help - cant get a demo


Standard Member
Hi all,

Need some help - just got some new speakers Acoustic energy T and have some classic AE209 fronts so all up for 7.1 but need a new receiver to replace my onkyo 505.

really struggling to get a demo of the choices. I am a music man 70% of the time and 30% of movies so stereo very important

Choices - Onkyo 608, Denon 1911 or Pioneer 920. not so keen on Yamaha but happy to be challenged - max spend 400 squid and do want 3d.

Bought a marantz sr7005 for a grand (got a deal at richer) and sent back as not bowled over plus crossover issues - found vocals weak and too heavy bass.

I know the choices will not be as good as the marantz but hey half the price.

Which one do you guys would fit the bill.

Advice greatly recieved



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Onkyo are not known for their musical ability and normally Yamaha would be considered better for the same money. The Yamaha 667 currently has £100 off so is £350 which makes it a bit of a bargain and this would be my choice with your budget. However, you may have a different preference in sound so what I would not class as musical or like you may.


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As PSM1's pointed out, this really does boil down to that thing most subjective called taste.

Having said that I personally suspect that if you found a Marantz AVR with a RRP tag of £1400 lacking for music duties you may very well be underwhelmed with AVR's costing over 70% less.

If I were you and I wanted my music as good as it could be I'd save up and buy separate stereo amp when funds permitted, or, buy the stereo amp now and hold off on buying an AVR if music is paramount.

Having an "integrated hifi" is what I've done...Check this thread out and then this thread of mine.

Hope this helps


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Yep I listened to Onkyo 608 and Yamaha 667 in purely 2 channel because like you the stereo performance is very important to me, the yam was head and shoulders better, clearer sharper top end and vocals and deeper more controlled bass, i followed that up albeit briefly with the Denon 1911 and that was at least on a par with the yamaha, need to re audition the 667 and 1911 heard through Mordaunt Short floor standers. This was at an RS shop, thanklfully the chap I spoke to didnt try to forcefeed me the 608 unlike 2 others did in fact he was really good and agreed with me. Looking to replace an Arcam AVR200 which has a slightly iffy L/H ft channel

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