Please help! Cant get a colour pic on my panny.



I am using my amp as a video switcher with all the sources running svid. I havnt be able to watch tele on it yet as the telewest box doesnt have a svid out, so i bought one of these:

Gold-plated SCART to Phono + SVHS Adapter

pluged it directly into the telewest box, and fed the svid into the amp. However when i now tried to watch the telewest signal, it is black and white with loads of interference, but when i try the same cable feeding the Panny with the TV its fine, normal picture.

I have tried all the format settings on the pany, but to no avail.

please help :(

I think you will find that what you need (to watch s-video from your telewest box) is a video standards converter RGB > S-Video.

The electric signals which are used to send the picture for each of tehse formats are very different. Hence when the pj is expecting S-Video and gets (probably composite) you get the b&w pic with interference. You are sending the wrong signal to the projector.

I doubt the little box from maplin does any conversion. I think it is intended to be used with TV's where a one scart socket can be switched for use as an S-Video input or a Composite input. You plug this into the scart on your TV and you have input / outputs for composite, audio L&R and S Video. The important point here is that the box can only output what the equipment can - it just provides the correct plug.

I guess you are trying to run RGB on the cable box and then output this as S-Video to your amp. If so goto for what you actually do need

Thanks. I thought i could get away with this until they made some more rgb->svid converters
I think that these things *should* work for composite - just not RGB. Try setting the cable box to composite and see if that works - although of course that maay well defetat the purpose of what you were doing!!!

Yes I have a telewest box and you have TV settings on the Pace STB for RGB/Composite and also your preference of incoming signal (letterbox/4:3/widescreen signal).

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