PLEASE HELP! Best DVD - Prog Pal - Component or DVI ? HELP!!


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Sorry in advance for the length of this post but I wanted to give as much info as possible so you experts out there might be able to help me better!

HELP! PLEASE! I need a new DVD player. Here are the current specs of my system :

Samsung SP43L2HX/XEA Rear projection LCD TV

The TV has the following inputs :

2 x RGB Scart
1 x Comp Scart
1 X S-Video
1 X Set of Component Phonos (3 Y/Pb/Pr)
1 X PC HD15 D Plug
1 X Composite Phono

The manual says the following :

"The RCA Component inputs are used for equipment with a DVD output. (480i, 480p, 576i, 576p)"

"The DVI (video) connector is used for equipment with a DVI output - The DVI does not support the Analog R,G,B signals"

"The colour systems supported by the TV are PAL, SECAM, NTSC NT4.43"

A logo on the telly says "Progressive XGA" and the sticker that was stuck to the screen says "w-XGA High Resolution and 100% Digital Visual Interface"

There is also a table headed : "Input Mode (PC/DVI)"
The following modes are supported :
640x480, 720x400, 800x600, 1024x768, 848x480
It also lists lots of V and H frequencys etc...

Phew.... Ok, now I want to watch the occasional Region 1 disc on DVD-R but my main source of viewing pleasure are rented discs from Blockbuster - all region 2 of course!

I need to buy a DVD player and haven't a clue which to buy - Should I go for one with a DVI output ? Should I hook up via component ? Which players have true PAL Progressive output ? Will I still get Progressive ouput via DVI ?? Help ! My budget is anything up to £500 but I would like to spend £300 or less. I am not interested in audio facilities or such like - I just want movies !

I bought a Cambridge Audio HD59 from Richer Sounds today - £199 for the player and £90 for 3 phono cables (1 metre) to connect it - but when i put the R2 Terminator 3 disc in the player plays interlaced in PAL and when i switch to progressive the OSD from the player states "Progressive NTSC" - If I bring the Info Display of the TV up it also states the input as 480p which I believe is NTSC - I am assuming that the DVD in Progressive Mode is converting the PAL signal to NTSC which I also assume is a *BAD* thing ?? I am planning to take the HD59 back tomorrow because of this but what should I buy ????


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Thanks HornyDragon - By the way I have found yet MORE info on this set if its any use :

43” 16:9 Aspect Ratio

Second Generation Optical System

Cinema Progressive for 3:2 pull down

WXGA High Resolution (1280 x 720)

High Contrast and High Brightness

DVI Input

HD Component Video input


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depends how much you want to spend mate have a search for HK and Sony models also search for DVi (search button at top right on home page.


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Would I use component progressive to connect the HK or would I connect via DVI ? Also do you think my assumption about the Cambridge Audio converting the PAL signal to NTSC in Prog Scan mode is correct ?


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your assumption is correct it is the cheap way of doing it, HK would be via component not DVi HK dont currently support DVi/HDMI in the UK. Only Samsung/Pionner and now panny IIRC perhaps a few others (player wise)


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I am still unsure - Component or DVI ??? How about HTPC - I am assuming this stands for Home Theatre PC ? I have the hardware/software knowledge to build and configure any pc and most of the components lying around (I own a computer company). Would I be better going down that route ? Will I get any better quality by connecting a PC via DVI and using PowerDVD 5 to play discs ?


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HTPC are more complex to get right, no reason why it wont be better than any standalone player but many people find them more complex to use etc. an HTPC will allow you to make use of far more than just DVi DVD, Euro 1080i Hi-DEF TV and lots more.
As you have the knowledge i think you may be better with an HTPC, but consider the missues kids using it (if applicable).

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