Please help before I go mad....

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Ever since I've been using broadband, my PC crashes for no apparent reason. It either goes blank and re-boots or locks up for a few seconds before going blank and re-booting.

If I was using it all day (which, thankfully I'm not) then I'd estimate that it would crash at least 5 times. This, as you can imagine, is quite annoying.

The machine is getting on a bit now (IBM Aptiva, 333 processor) but I've upped the memory to 256mb (it was only 64mb) in an attempt to cure the problem. It didn't work.

I've tried the various other tricks - defrag etc. but it still crashes.

Can anyone help.

Thank you very much.



If this is since broadband, it's a prog. that is accessing the internet causing the trouble, I think. Get yourself a firewall, if you haven't already, and it should tell you what is active at any time, and what programs have access. It could be a virus of some sort, but the dangers are a little overrated. Most don't eat your computer alive, just breed like rabbits. The other possibility is if you've installed a network card, or USB modem or network adapter, and this is causing problems. More details will help, OS, broadband supplier, connection method.


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we are going to need more info =

in the mean time - if you connected to modem via usb swap to network card or vice versa - i had a right nightmare with my usb drivers - very unstable

network card tchnology much more reliable when it comes to networking (err stands to reason i supose)



try changing the NIC drivers and/or card.

some NICs don't like broadband. the best ones out there are the intel 10/100 PCI NICs, nowadays they can be bought for around $5 at computer recycling places.

other good ones are the linksys and D-link cards.
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