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Please help "Archos" 504


At last I hope someone can help I am pulling my hair out!

I bought an Archos 504 last week and have spent over 10 hours trying to convert a DVD to MPEG 4. I am using Nero 7 reloaded, but when I transfer to 504 it says H264/ACC is not compatible!

Can anyone advise me what to do?

Does Nero 7 support Archos devices?

Am I using the wrong setting?

I have used shrink first!

Thanks..............at last a forum that looks like it can help!



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Can't help you then mate, I've never tried Mpeg4.
Good luck, I'm sure someone will sort you out :smashin:


You can use PocketDiVXEncoder to convert to a format that the Archos will play okay,it is a free download as well.


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I use Pocket-DVD Studio, encodes straight to MPEG4 from the DVD allows you to set size, bit rate, audio rate etc. You have to buy it, but I've found it absolutely foolproof.


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ive also got a 504...

and im pretty sure it doesnt play H264/ACC out of the box...
you need to go to the archos website and pay for a plugin to make it work iirc, something like 20 euros.

Alternatively just tell nero to encode it to another format.


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I too have a 504 and use Nero Recode 2.

The issue is that Nero Recode encodes MPEG4 files with sound in AAC. (You cannot change any config in Nero recode to change this.)

The 504 plays MP4 video but not AAC audio out of the box.
To enable AAC audio you have to go to the following page and buy the "Video Podcast plug-in" for 20 euros


Installing it is simple but you do need to have upgraded your firmware to 1.5.56 I think. My archos came with 1.5.55 out of the box. Firmware is free and simple to install. I assume that the AAC ability is already on the Archos the 20 euros is for just a small file to unlock this ability.

Alternatively, you can get a different MP4 encoder that records sound in MP3 format which the Archos will play out of the box. For example:


But this again costs, $29 in this case.

I downloaded a trial but found that I preferred the extra speed and the UI of Nero recode.


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I find it really tedious having to convert every video I have to put on my Archos 504. I don't even know how to do it myself. It is such a rip-off that you have to pay extra for the plug-ins.


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if the file isnt right for the archos just use pocket divx encoder (http://divx.ppccool.com/) which is free...
paying for encoding software is pointless as the programmes arent usually even that much better...

i agree that the after market plugins are a bit of a rip off, but i havent any use for them anyhow...

ive thrown tonnes of random xvids and divx files at my 504 so far ands its played all of them apart from one so far , because it had a dobly digital /ac3 soundtrack.

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