Please help any mechanically minded folk!

Hi all. I am buying a 2000 Saab 9-5 aero hot auto estate, and its last MOT had the folloiwng advisories (2 months ago) Seller claims he cannot find an oil leak anywhere, and i dont think the others are too serious in terms of expense but i'd really appreciate any-ones opinions:-

1, nearside rear trailing arm has slight play in a pin/bush
2, rear brake pad(s) wearing thin
3, parking brake lever has little reserve travel
4, offside front suspension arm ball joint dust cover deteriorated, but preventing the ingress of dirt.
5, both rear brake discs slightly corroded
6, oil leak - i'm not sure why this has been reported as I can't find a leak !!


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Sounds like it just needs rear disks and pads. Oil leaks can be a pain to track down but it may be worth getting it checked over by a garage on the ramps just in case.
thanks mate. It's costong me £1000 so I figure another £200 and i can have it fully serviced and those bits sorted at a garage, then i have a nice car for not a great deal of money


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Yes, needs rear discs and pads, the lack of reserve travel means the handbrake is coming up high which will be sorted by the new discs and pads.

Oil leak on that engine is nearly always the oil filter or the oil pipes near the filter just need a spanner on them.

One very important item on those engines is the engine breathers and PCV valve...make sure you keep them clean or the turbo will fail.
Regular oil changes with good quality oil are vital with that engine.

Ask if the sump has ever been off for a clean out....the oil pickup pipe can get blocked via the mesh filter that covers it.
I have ordered

2 104880138 Pagid Brake Disc
1 101880198 Pagid Brake Pads
1 501880028 Crosland Oil Filter
1 502880078 Crosland Air Filter
1 521776031 TRIPLE QX 5w40 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5Ltr

I reckon a garage will do that lot for me for a couple of hours labour? parts came to just under £100 (minus spaek plugs at mo)

I read that aero's were always advised to use fully synthetic from launch and new which combats the oil sludge issue other versions have, so less of a problem. The seller says he simply cant find any leaks anywhere on it
should be a decent service for now - spark plugs as well do you think?

£1000 is expensive for a 2000 plate.
you should of looked around for a later year.

been looking for a while, the fact we want an estate and an auto, and must be an aero hot, makes it more difficult than you'd think. I thought it was a decent deal to be honest!

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