Please help - am getting very confused!

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    Hi Guys,

    Please help me - I have been doing my research and sending posts on this forum over the last couple of weeks.

    I am in the market to purchase my first projector and was more or less decided on the optoma h79 (source denon 3910). I have been told by my local dealer to look at the Sanyo Z4 before going down the line of DLP and so auditioned both back to back today.:smashin:

    I admit that I am no Av boff, but take an interest in getting the right kit. I admit that the blacks on the optoma were better and it was quieter. The image seemed to have more depth as well. However, the Z4s colours were superb (only saw it through a denon 2910 and hdmi) so can not say what non hd would be like. I have to say that I could not really notice enough increase in quality to warrant the cash. Am I missing the big picture here (sorry no punn intended).

    What are the main advantages of an optoma h79 over Z4? What about a lumagen scaler with the Z4 - its still cheaper than an h79?

    Please help me - I am driving myself insane.:lease:

    :suicide: :suicide: :suicide:
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    Both offer great images for the money but as is always the case, both have pros and cons. The Sanyo Z4 is an LCD model and can show its pixel structure if you sit too close. It does lack the black level of the H79 and some complain of verticle banding ( thick stripes running down the image a bit like a cut lawn).
    The H79 is a DLP model and as with all single chip DLPs can display rainbows ( multi-coloured rainbows seen when the eye moves quickly from certain image ). The better DLPs have higher segmented colour wheels which reduces this problem and many people do not see them at all.
    The pros of the Z4 are, as you noticed, usually high colour saturation and sharper images.
    The pros of the DLP is deeper blacks, smooth images with virtually no visible pixelation and excellent contrast.

    At the end of the day, it is what YOUR eyes like the look of which is most important. If you have seen both in action, choose whichever one you thought offered the most impressive image for the money but consider the pros and cons of both before splashing out you hard earned dosh!
    P.S. The Optoma H72i is more inline with the Z4 in terms of cost and may still offer better performance so consider this model too

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