Please help - alexa and lg tv issue


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Hi all,

I’ve had my LG C9 controlled by Alexa for a year or so. Two routines, one to turn on and one to turn off. Tv is connected via Denon and hue sync box. Routine turns in the receiver, sync box, play bars and tv.
All working fine until a couple of weeks ago when it stopped turning off. I updated all firmware (I don’t do this automatically because….). As it wasn’t working, thought worth a try. No change. Still turns on fine, off would turn off the sync box, play bars and receiver but not the tv.

I tried today to disable the skill and unlinked all accounts, deleted the tv from the Alexa app etc. re signed in and had to rename the tv to media room tv to get it to show in Alexa devices. Final,y got it there but now it isn’t showing when I try and it back until the routine. It’s in the devices section, my routine is unchanged bar needing to add the tv back in - when I go to “add action - smart home - all devices, everything else is there but not the tv….

Please help as its driving me potty. Yes I can use the remote, but as it all worked fine and broke itself, I want to fix it again on principal but I am stumped…



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