please help a widescreen newbie


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Just got my Sony 32fx68 and played LOTR extended version (amorphoric widescreen) on the xbox.

1. Expected the picture to fill the screen but get horizontal black bars top and bottom like I was watching on a 4:3 TV. They only go away if I use the zoom picture mode on the TV. If I use widescreen or smart they stay. Switched the xbox to widescreen mode as well but to no avail ?

What am I doing wrong - must be something stupid.

2. I am getting some sound distortion at less than half volume, on high pitch vocals (like the ending credits). Is this normal with this set ?



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ws tv has 1.78:1 proportions while many DVDs are 2.35:1, so they are wider thus black bars on top and bottom of the tv. on 4:3 tv those bars would be still wider than on 16:9.
you can get more info on the subject (and a lot more) @DVD FAQ



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Thanks for that, this excellent resource answers my first question.

Anybody know about / have the same problem with my second ?

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