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Hello there, first timer here.

I currently have $ky+ with all mix packages. I (we) are looking to cut costs as we only watch a small number of these channels. Now the number of channels isn't important, what is important is the recording ability. Having a small baby means that favourite/soap/series programme viewing is often interrupted and the $ky+ feature is great for this. Admittedly most of what (we actually have time) to record and watch is on usual channels 1-5, so I'm seriously considering Freeview with some kind of PVR.

I know a question like 'what should I get?' or 'what's the best?' is better answered by the search tool but there is so much information out there and many different types of boxes that I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed.

What I'm after is to get Freeview (St Albans-Hatfield area),
with preferably HDD recording with >1 day EPG,
with twin tuner,
with a scart connection to my TV,
With a quick performance EPG and channel change (no button lag).

At the moment I don't know whether I need 2 boxes for this or just one or what manufacturers give this sort for config and which to stay away from. Obviously I want good quality but I will only be using the TV speakers for sound, no outputs to audio equipment required.

Basically I've read a couple of the reviews of hardware but then I think, umm well, is this good or not good?

Even just some pointers to read through would help…

Oh yes, also is there any other kids channels other than CBBC and Cbeebies on Freeview?

Please help.

Thanks for any info...
The panasonic TU-CT100 is not a bad option although the remote response is a bit slow if the machine hasnt had the relevant software upgrades.


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is your financial situation likely to improve in the next year? if yes then why not stay with Sky+? drop all but two mixes so with + you only paying £25 a month........for a year that £300, which is more or less what a twin tuner freeview with HDD is likely to cost (i assume, i dont know all the models, im just taking a rounded guess here)..and you still get more channels :)

if finances might stay tight, then fair do's, drop sky+.....

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