Please help a newbie build a HCPC

Discussion in 'Desktop & Laptop Computers Forum' started by Chipster, Dec 30, 2003.

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    First, sorry if I'm going over old ground here guys, but we all have to start somewhere.

    I’ve been into home cinema for ages and have finally taken the plunge into the really big screen experience with a new Sanyo Z2.

    Since reading this forum with interest, and I admit with some confusion, I have become increasingly intrigued by HCPC. Therefore, I would like to know what spec machines and software you use in order for me to make a shopping list of things to buy to possibly build my own.
    I am computer literate and would like to build a system around Win98 SE if at all possible.

    I have checked out the sticky here and info on Powerstrip, Theatre-Tek etc, Video cards, Dscaler, Front ends, Power supply’s, Coolers, etc etc etc… all of which make interesting reading in their own respect, but for a newbie like me its a case of information overload. All I really need to know is, what do I need, and what works well together.

    My requirements are.
    Best DVD picture possible with no lip-sync or judder.
    Occasional 3D gaming.
    Minimal tweaking. (Correction: I quite like a fiddle, but not tearing my hair out!)
    Coax or optical output.
    Overall stability.
    Value for money.

    Lastly, I currently run my Z2 from a HK DVD25 using progressive scan, so will I ultimately see a great improvement in PQ using a HCPC?

    Thanks in advance for your info, beginners links, approximate costs etc.


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