PLEASE HELP, 1ST TIME USER: Is my Spiderman PS5 save game data lost ?


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So in 10 years of owning Xboxes I never had this happen but here I am a brand new ps5 ...


Hulk rage time I was talking to my partner and not watching properly whilst loading up Spiderman. I thought i was selecting my save game but somehow i selected it and an option to delete it in Game. It deleted it, so all the options just say NEW GAME now.

I went to saved games in System settings and selected cloud storage but it looks like when the ps5 deleted the Console Save it synched with cloud storage and deleted that file too as they had the same date/time.l stamp. But juat ti be sure, i downloaded the cloud versiob anyway. went to Spiderman and yes still says NEW GAME only. That's 79% progress lost and im b*ggered if im redoing all that ! On to Miles Morales i guess...

1. Is all hope lost ? I'm guessing so.
2. Why make it so easy to delete a save game with no option to restore or atleast access a previous earlier save.
3. AND why delete the cloud version in synch if the console version is accidentally deleted. Hardly sn effective back up solution. Ugh.

Be kind please lol
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With Auto-sync on for PS5 games both your console and cloud storage will sync to the most recent data, so as you accidentally deleted the PS5 save it updated the cloud Save to match, Sadly not much you can do.

you can turn off Auto sync

Saved Data and Game/App Settings/ Sync Saved Data > Auto-Sync Saved Data

you will have to remember to manually upload to the cloud but it will prevent the problem you had, although in the future you could just finish talking with your partner before loading up games lol, sorry couldn't resist the rib there.


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Hehe yeh hell of a lesson to learn. Still seems daft that you cant retrieve deleted Saved Games. I didn't see an option on Spiderman to save under different slots so it jeot suro saving on the same file. So 79% progress lost lol

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