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Please give me a rough estimate of my electricity bill


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hi, I have just moved into my first (rented) house with my girlfriend and would really appreciate it if someone could give me a ballpark figure for our quarterly electricity bill. Essentially we are living in a standard 2 bed semi with electric night storage heaters in the lounge and bedrooms (although we only use one of the bedroom heaters). We have an immersion heater for the water although as we have an electric shower the water heater is not on that often.

We are with eon on economy 7 and use the storage heaters as intended - through the night. We are pretty good about tuning off lights and not leaving stuff on standby for long. The TV is used for maybe 4 hours a day, and other electrical items are used fairly lightly. We have the fridge/freezer, router and answerphone on 24 hours a day.

With this kind of usage what can we expect our quarterly electricity bill to be (roughly)? We have literally no idea what to expect, and know no-one who can make a comparison for us.

Any ideas? Thanks!


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Not much of a comparison, but I used to rent a small studio flat with storage heaters, was pretty shoddily insulated so spent most of my time with heaters on bare minimum and lots of warm clothes. Paid the equivalent now of £40 a month for the privilige (evened out over the year, less use in summer etc). I'd say £50 a month for a larger home if it's better insulated, double glazed etc. Turn your router off during the day if you're not at home, I do now - doesn't save a lot but if it's not being used you might as well, better the pennies in your pocket then some corporation's :)


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thanks for that. I just want a rough figure really so I can brace myself for the first bill in 3 months!

Anyone have a property with a similar set up?


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i live in a 2 bed semi with eco7 heaters and the bill has gone from £60 a month to £120 a month in the last year


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i live in a 2 bed semi with eco7 heaters and the bill has gone from £60 a month to £120 a month in the last year

You are paying way too much for that. I recently rented out a 3 bedroom property and the electric bill is approx £60 per month.

I would guess around that figure +/- 10%


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arrgh! Thanks for all the info, I guess that I'm just going to have to wait and see!


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Why not just take meter readings seven days apart & then check your usage against the charges on your supplier's web site?

Probably worth giving them a call to make sure you're on the best (for you!) tariff.
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I just moved into a 2-bedroom maisonette flat (the upstairs) on my own with gas central heating, shower, double-glazing, no attic insulation, not sure about wall insulation either. Gas Hob and Electric oven. Work 12 hour shifts so admittedly the heating etc isn't used that much.

Got those power card meters and gas card meters which have a slightly higher charge compared to the rates I would have gotten if I paid by DD but that involved 2 deposity payments of £125 to change :rolleyes:.
Anyways, I've basically paid about £25 for gas and £30 for electricity per month for the 3 months I've been living there.


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3-bed semi. All electric, no gas. Paying £95 a month by direct debit.

The bill for the last 3 months has just arrived - £328.


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wow, I have a 5 bed detached, most things left on standby, I work at home as well (3 or 4 bits of Cisco kit powered on most of the time) my last quarterly bill was £324, seems cheap now...


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It's very very hard to gauge individuals approximated costs because all homes have different standards of heating systems, insulation, boilers, locations etc.

For example I used to have a mid terraced period property, my electricty was £50 per month and Gas about the same.

I moved to a huge detached property, it has a room just for the damm heating system , it's the most modern , space age thing I've ever seen complete with a Star Trek style swarm of flashing lights, it apparently deals with all our hot water and radiators etc.

Long story short, this house is twice the size of the old place and yet my bill is about £10 per month less here via Eon.

I work from home, the wife is in a lot, we keep the heating on etc, a gazillion electrical appliances, washing machine doing nappies and kid stuff all day.

I guess my point is it's very hard to compare prices with people.

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