Please explain 'Black Depth' to me.


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I have a Tosh 32zd26p and Tosh SD220 dvd player connected via component cables.

I'm concerned that the 'blacks' on my screen are too black. I can't see anything in shadows, night-time scenes are pretty hard to follow because the only clear things are actors faces or light sources with everything else being pretty much a solid black mass!

If I turn up the brightness I can make out more but the pic looks washed out and I lose the fantastic colour on non-dark scenes.

Any ideas on how to remedy this? I keep reading about sets having amazing black depth or the blacks on some films having a lot of depth but what does that actually mean?

Paul Atreides

Brightness affects blackness as you have found, to get the right level you will need THX Optimizer or DVE.

Contrast might be set too high, try turning it down and see if that improves it.

Are you watching in a very bright room?
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