Please end my 2 month stand search - All advice appreciated


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I've had my Pio 507XD for 2 months now. And the other half is getting fed up with it sitting on a old chest of drawers in the lounge.

My previous 37" Panny was wall mounted. But I want a stand this time around.

I am looking for a contemporary stand.

That is different from most of the glass box type that are usually found. Such as

I like the Alphason Moderna. But it will not fit all my AV equip (see sig) and is only 39.5cm high.

I also like Green Apple 'Black Mamba' again only has one shelf.

I would appreciate any suggestions. I am considering both Clear, coloured glass stands. Nothing that is wood only.
The 507 is 120cm wide so it needs to be at least this wide.

I have done numerous searches and been looking for a while now.



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I should of said i've got around the 500 pound mark to spend


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I've got a Apollo Mezzo Soprano 1000, with clear class and silver legs. THese are really well made, and come as shelf kits, so that you can build exaclty the configuration you want. They aren't cheap, but nicely made, and very very heavy.

You can get them from lots of places, but I got mine from

What I found good about these, is that the front legs are the same width as the rear ones, which is helpfull if you have deep devices.

Hope this helps, Matthew



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Warren - these do look well made. Unfortunately they only come in 110cm width. Shame, but I do not want the Plasma to overhang the stand.

Kimski - Thankyou but I am only looking for stands without plasma mounts

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