Please educate me!! New setup, want to sort out sound and what I need to buy!


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Current setup
Samsung LED TV
+/- projector in the future
+/- monitor

Gaming PC - used for gaming and movies : mainly 720/1080p content but hoping to get into 4k gaming soon
Wii U
BT Sports
Sky Sports
Amazon stick
Macbook Pro

Ideally I like to watch all movies from my PC, also use it for netflix, leave everything else to gaming.
I want good sound for gaming/movies/music.

I want if possible to be able to play something on my TV or very easily switch to my projector/monitor.

Do I get the AVR 2300 or 3300? What are the advantages?
Will these speakers be good for music too?
I'm really hoping for some phenomenal sound given the cost which will last a good few years and allow me to start investing in video equipment rather than audio.
Is atmos a possibility or too expensive for my budget or impractical?
Will this setup be fairly mobile? (I move every year)

I've been reccomended kindly the:
Denon AVR-X2300W AV Receiver with KEF Q500 AV Speakers

Is there anything better/more suitable for my money? Is there anything I'm missing from my purchase?

Practically where so I place all the speakers? I can't seem to think of how to place the rear spakers behind me given the sofa is by the walll :(


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You have the same problem as member "lighters" who was asking advice. I would change the order of room. You don`t want to squeesh 3 front speakers near each other plus you would listen the center speaker slightly from off-axis. I would put the tv on the long wall, so you would be watching it straight from the sofa. This way you could push front speakers more apart and get them out of walls. Room seems quite small. I would go with bookshelfs on speaker stands rather than towers for HT/gaming, but it`s up to you. Surround speakers could be example Monitor Audio Bronze FX which you would wallmount behind sofa as many member here has done. If you move every year, it will be much trickier. But first thing first, do the necessary changes to room. Would be pointless to buy great speakers and have them poorly placed.

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