Please critique my planned system, JTR Noesis 212RT + Deep Sea Sound Mariana 24”


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Please critique my planned system, JTR Noesis 212RT + Deep Sea Sound Mariana 24”

Hi all, I’m new to the forum and looking for some advice regarding a new system I’m planning. My current system is a pair of 18yr old Mission M53 floorstanders, BK XLS200 sub and Monitor Audio Bronze rears driven by an entry level Denon AVR. It’s time to upgrade and I’ve zeroed in on a preferred option. Right now I need the one system to do both HT duties and music (bass heavy dubstep with plenty of 20-40hz content) but in a year or two I’ll be able to have a dedicated theatre room so this is my plan:

Order a pair of JTR Noesis 212RT followed by a Deep Sea Sound Mariana 24” sub

Once I buy a house add a pair of Sonus Faber Sonetto VIIIs for music in the main living area, matched with the Mariana 24”, move the JTRs to the theatre room and add a JTR Captivator 4000ULF (or two)

i can audition the Sonus Fabers locally here in Melbourne but I have to buy the JTRs on the back of their excellent reviews so I’m keen to see what the community here thinks of this plan and if there’s anything I should consider substituting or adding. I’ll need to add a power amp to run the JTRs I’m guessing so open to suggestions for that also.


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Before settling on the JTRs I was going to order Tekton Moab’s with the single beryllium tweeter upgrade, has anyone listened the these and the JTRs and can offer an opinion?


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Hi Sheik! Wow, that sounds like massive step up! Should blow you away big time. Like jumping from city car to Ferrari. Congrats!

@Saul Goodman is the man to ask about JTR. This is UK based forum so we don`t have too many JTR owners.

If you want more help then the AVSForum (US) JTR threads have +2000 pages and hundreds of owners. I believe the JTR owner/designer writes there too so you will get all the help you need.

PS. Do come tell us your thoughts when you have them all setup. That is "end game" level products there.

Saul Goodman

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Read this over on the avs thread earlier describing the JTR's:-

Neutral, flat frequency response.
Exceptionally low distortion.
Smooth treble, not harsh, although EQ or treatments may be needed for overly reflective rooms. (I'd use EQ on any speakers in any room.)
The 3-way models have exceptionally good midrange.
The narrow dispersion has pros and cons. It's great for surround. For 2 channel, it's a matter of taste. I like it, but some people prefer a more ambient sound using the room like a surround upmixer.
Exceptionally clear vocals - critical for movies, but also great for music vocals.
Very clean at high output. No harsh "loud" sound like you get with less capable speakers. HDR for sound.
Plenty of output headroom in order to EQ loss from AT screens.
Very focused and strong imaging.
Ability to deliver lifelike full frequency percussive impact that isn't physically possible from dome tweeters. Much more of a lifelike sound than a speaker sound.
The controlled directivity works better than most speakers for placement against a wall, although some absorption still helps with SBIR.
They lack the fine furniture look that some people want for living room speakers.

Must say I agree completely :)

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