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Please could you help with these Questions?


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Hi there i am new to the forum and have been meaning to ask quite a few meaningful questions for sometime. After I finish with my banter i will number my questions. If anyone has what they think would be a meaningful answer please quote the question number down and give your answer/opinion. Obviously only answer what you can. I have been interested in quality AV now for a while particularly using Sky, DVD's through a sony DAV 500, PS2 and XBOX. I,like many am excited and a bit confused about the prospect of HD. TV wise, I have currently a RE44SZ21RD 44" DLP Projection TV from LG Phillips. This set is NOT HD ready. My set has two component inputs. On these it looks like it says says dvd/dtv inputs. Number one seems like DVD and two DTV. Both component inputs state a maximum resolution of 1080 interlaced and 720 progressive. I assume this is a high definition standard. I have been worried by the posts that have said that this set will downgrade any 720 progressive input into lesser quality. i have phoned LG and they have told me my set is not HD. I asked them if my set is 720 progressive and they said yes. I explained to them that this is a high defenition input but they could not answer my question and fobbed me off and could not even offer myself my screens resolution as there was no data on it. I am worried about changing my TV if i dont have too but I would like to improve if I can on what I have?

1 My set is 1080i and 720P like many HD ready sets ok. What makes my set not HD and another set HD? Is it because it carries only component inputs which I understand as analogue and not DVI/HDMI which i understand is digital as true HD Ready sets are. Does this mean to be true HD it has to be from a Digital Source such as HDMI. if this is so then how come XBOX360 is offering HD at 720P through component? Your answers please?

2. Does anyone know what resolution this TV can display is. What can it Maximally truly display.
EG 720p X ????? LG technical have no data!

3 Is HDMI at 720p better than component at 720p on exactly the same TV. Please explain your answer.

4 What is considered the best picture, CRT, DLP, LCD, or PLASMA and in what order and Why?

5 Does my set downscale 720Progressive inputs in any way as someone mentioned but did not explain to me properly?

6 As the XBOX 360 is HD at 720p through component and my TV is 720P through component will it match that of HD Ready tellys that are also 720p. Someone please explain?
7. When SKY HD comes out would this TV be ok to display SKY through component at its best?

If my set is not going to be good enough for me in my opinion I will set up afresh the following questions here would be kindly appreciated? I aim to buy a new HDTV to use XBOX 360 as My game console and DVD player. The TV must be at least 40" and I will spend about (£2000) I would like to have at least Two HDMI inputs and two components and RGB Scart. I have plenty of room for another DLP but would consider PLASMA OR LCD i want to connect this to a budget but quality amplifier (about £350 to spend) to optical and then through this to 5.1 or 7.1 speakers (£100) to spend The Amp must have HDMI inputs and optical and Scart etc and be able to send out 5.1 or 7.1 i would like you lot to give me your advice on the following as I feel like I may end up going out and setting up again from scratch.

8. What TV would you buy for a max of £2000 and at least 40" and Why? Please consider I will be gaming using an XBOX360 and PS2/3. Please give me the model number.

9. Does my TV play 720p x ????? both at 50/60/hz To add to the confusion my TV is 100hz at which progression will this play at eg 720p X ???? @ 100hz

10. What amplifier would you buy? please give model number (about £350 or less( a lot less if poss))

11. Which speakers and would they fit the above amplifier (about£50-100?)

12. Advice on best budget/medium end cables for this set up?

Sorry for being so long winded but Im so unsure about the previous issues i would be delighted if you could help me out with any advice on these questions as I feel most of you will be a lot more intelligent than me on these things as Im a beginner. I aim to keep a log of your suggestions and then draw up my list soon if I am indeed to start again. I will keep you lot posted on my possible final decisions and purchases.

Cheers babangida

PS I am thinking of selling this stuff so please check out the appropriate forum

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very comprehensive first post! I'll try with a couple of answers

1) Hype and Marketing. High Definition is High Definition. The difference comes when you want that little 'HD Ready' logo. To get that logo you need a bunch of things, including a HDCP compatible digital input (HDMI, DVI with an adapter). You also need component input and support 1080i and 720p at both 50 and 60 fps.

This in theory makes it easier to match a prospective purchase with a new service. Eg buy a HD ready set, don't worry it'll work with Sky HD.

It also makes it more complex for existing TV owners.

Xbox 360 will still be HD. It'll also be reasonably flexible. You'll be able to set it to output what your set prefers, and it'll scale internally. eg if your set prefers 1080i, it can be set to that.

3) in theory, slightly. Its just digital Vs analog. If you are feeding an analog set, or a digital set that has an analog conversion internally, then the difference will be minimal at best. On a completely digital set, like a plasma or LCD, the difference may be noticeable, but its debatable.

IMO, HDMI is there for copy protection, not for simplifying things for consumers. Wouldn't worry about it, other than some equipment may require it to be present (eg High definition DVD/bluray players for copy protection)

4) Suck it and see. Sorry, but technology is pretty mature for these devices, and some prefer the 'look' of one over another. Your eyes are the best judge. If you like it, thats the best one for you.

6) Should do. At least your TV will accept 720p inputs. Probably won't resolve that on screen (It'll do some downscaling). Do some experiments when you get the xbox. You may find better results running 1080i from it

8) Samsung 40" or Sony V series 40". Both seem pretty close in HD image quality from what I've seen, but the Samsung is about £400 cheaper.


Hi babangida & welcome.

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I've edited your post accordingly.

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