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Please Could I have a bit of advice on my setup?


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Haven't posted on here in a long time but here goes:

Basically my bedroom setup at the moment consists of a cheap 5.1 system that can be found here:
Xenta XForce 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers - 80W RMS.. | Ebuyer.com
yes I know these aren't the best speakers in the world but I was not willing to spend £500 for bedroom speakers... Anyway the output on the back of the sub has auxiliary and AC-3 connections, I currently have the auxiliary plugged into the headphone socket on my TV and this obviously does not create surround sound...
So I was wondering how I would connect my tv or PS3 (preferably both) to these speakers so that they truly work in 5.1 (BF3 sounds so much better downstairs with proper surround so I would like it in my bedroom too ;))

Thank-you very much in advance for any help given



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There is no easy way to connect these speakers to your TV or PS3 to get proper surround sound. They are designed to be used with a PC that decodes the surround sound and then sends it as separate channels. To to do this without a PC you would need some form of processor (or receiver with preouts). These would both cost a good chunk of money which your speakers would not justify.
You could take the stereo output from the headphone socket and split it with a few Y adaptors to give you sound from all the speakers but it would not be surround sound just stereo over all speakers.
If you want surround sound for the bedroom then I would suggest getting something like the Yamaha 196 for under £200 as this will give you exactly what you want.


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If you want surround sound you will want an all in one home cinema system, for my bedroom I opted for the Onkyo HT X22HDX, though this starts out as a 2.1 system. You'll need to grab a centre and two satelite speakers but you won't be disappointed. There are plenty of all in one systems to choose from and if your not willing to spend more on an amp and speakers thats your best bet...
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OP, you could wire the speakers up in a "hafler" configuration. This will partially unlock the surround channel in Dolby ProLogic soundtracks. Many DVD players can be configured to output such a signal instead of stereo. Many films on the TV will also be encoded this way.

There's a diagram on this page that tells you how to do this:
HowStuffWorks "How Surround Sound Works"

I've tried it and it works pretty well, although it's not as good as a proper surround amp.
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