please convert secret of mana 2 for gba !!


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I would love to see square convert some of there classic snes rpgs and action adventure games for the GBA.

specially Seiken Densetsu 3 in english. This would be fantastic, could never get it to work on a back up system, dont like emulators and the jap cart i never finished.

but i would play through all of there snes classics again, playing chrono trigger at the moment and it is so much better than anything I am playing on the new machines that are out. just my opinion before i get shouted at ;)

so does anyone no if any are being ported ??


I have heard constant rumours of a Seiken Densetsu game on the GBA but more of an original kind than the superb 3rd title. I love SD3 and just wished my save state wasn't deleted >_< Other games on the wish list are -

Note: Not only Square titles...

- Chrono Trigger
- FF3 (is in development I believe...)
- SD3
- Treasure Hunter G
- Fire Emblem (its taking its time >_<)
- Bahamut Lagoon
- Mario RPG (in development I think...)
- Tales of Phantasia
- Tales of Destiny
- Star Ocean 1 and 2
- Terranigma
- Grandia

Those titles would be an amazing list to the RPG scene and hopefully Square will give us an english translation of SD3 and the graphically improved FF3 very soon.

BTW Chrono Trigger will always be a timeless classic, its a shame the sequel never quite matched it but the game lives on. As usual all classics stand the test of time and CT is no different, even in the world of fancy FMV driven RPGs.


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Terranigma and Treasure Hunter G, just those 2 would do me, well until they're completed then they can release some more ;)


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Yes that would be sweet.

I would also like to see Shadowrun, that was an amazing SNES RPG.

Plus with changing jobs soon, I will now get a 30 min train journey to and from, perfect for some GBA action, time to go buy Yoshi's Island :)


Love Yoshi's Island but I'm still playing it on my SNES! I'm still waiting for SFA3 as well on the GBA... Too many games and not enough cash >_<

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