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Hi, I have spent the last 2 months researching and preparing my living room for my plasma purchase. I moved out the house while i decorated the living room, getting all the walls replastered. Before the plasterer moves in to do his bit, i need to make sure im not going to screw up.

I have embedded a high quality vga cable from lindy,
An s-video cable from lektropaks
A component cable from lektropaks
A power lead from maplins

I will be using a JS RGB-->VGA converter box connected to a scart 3in1 junction box for my Sky, PS2, Video.

My DVD player will be connected to the component input.

Using this setup, im assuming i'll never need composite, so am not bothering installing a composite cable.

Also, i have measured everything out using the dimensions i found in an online manual for the panny v4, 1020mm x 610mm, im assuming the v5 will be the same dimensions.

Could someone please verify the dimensions and connections for.



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It won't hurt to put in a composite lead at the same time. But why not put a tube in the wall so you can feed extra cables up any time you need to? It would also be advisable to seperate the power from signal lines to avoid any coupling issues. Connections seem fine.

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Dr John Sim.


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Thanks, I have put the power cable about 2 inches away from the rest. I cant put tube in the wall as it has several corners to go round, so feeding cables through later would be practically impossible, that was my initial idea after reading this forum, but in reality it wouldnt have worked. I guess it wouldnt hurt to put in a composite cable, but cant think that i'd ever use it.


I guess it wouldnt hurt to put in a composite cable, but cant think that i'd ever use it.
I think you will find that you will need composite for your video (or an S-Video if your VCR is S-VHS) as the JS box will only accept an RGB signal and AFAIK VCR's do not output RGB.


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