Please confirm for me ; HiDef and DVD playing


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Would someone just confirm what I need to make my UK PAL v1.1 XBOX play HiDef component and also DVDs R1 & R2 ??

I have been doing lots of reading here and elsewhere, and as far as I can tell, I just need;

Xecuter 2.3b lite+ (with standard Cromwell 2.27)
Some form of standards switcher
the Hidef Cable kit

Is this it ?? or do I need to get complicated !

I dont think I need any other Bios (do i ?) and I think I can get away with the Enigmah mode switch v1 (which I have found)

DO I need more or have I missed something. Maybe I do need something else for the DVD region switch. I do not have the remote yet.

Thanks for your guidance Guys !

Maybe in the future I will graduate to a new hard disk and a new dashboard but for now the big screen will do !



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OK, I will answer my own question - A simple yes or no would have been helpful !

The answer is you need to burn a new bios.
The original bios on the mod chip is only designed to reflash a new bios (once only in my case).

Once you do this, a CDRW burned with Enigmah Video Mode selector v1 will be read and you can select either PAL or NTSC - the latter providing the required Hidef modes when the Hidef kit is connected.

So in conclusion, lots of online research in places other than this can provide the answers, although it is made far more complicated than it needs to be

Now onto a new dashboard to allow DVDs to be played without the remote kit.

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