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just had a new tube in my Toshiba 82zd16b as my daughter scratched the screen.The engineer came out to inspect the damage and said it would cost at least £700 plus to repair i.e new tube needed.
Insurance company rang me and said it would be repaired as the quote they received from the repair company was just under £400.I queried this and they said that the must have got a special offer or clearance line from toshiba on tubes.I rang the repair company to make sure it was a genuine toshiba tube and they said it was.Tv delivered Friday asked again that was it a genuine tube he said it was all fine and dandy except if i look through the vent grills on the back of the tv there is a Phillips sticker on the tube.

So is this the norm or are they trying to rip me off!

Help please before i start my complaint procedure tomorrow.



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It is not totally unusual for one company to source it's tubes from another company if for example they don't make a specific size/type and then stick with that tube for the duration of the production run.
There has been some issues with Philips using Panasonic tubes in recent months (Check the HCC news) and perhaps this is a case where Tosh also certify Philips tubes for that model of TV.

If in any doubt get in touch with Philips UK directly and see if they do use their own tubes in your model of TV, if not and you are not happy with the repair then by all means complain.

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