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Hi there all

I noticed a post from a forum user on the avsforum over in the states requesting 1080i from microsoft through the VGA output of the 360.

So i had an idea, not sure whether this has been done before but here goes,

i have just sent this message to microsofts support

Hi there

I live in England where dvds are mastered in PAL 50hz and use my Xbox360 on a Sony 21" CRT monitor and a Barco CRT projector through the VGA output.

This combination is great for games but when watching DVD's down to the frame rate conversion, (50 to 60hz)they are pretty much unwatchable down to the stuttering.

Would it be possible to make an option in the VGA HD output settings for 50 & 60hz so us PAL users around the world can watch dvds correctly.

Best regards

James Hirst

Maybe we can all club together and get microsoft to help get decent dvd playback at the right framerate.

All the best and good luck



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Worth a try I guess, I've posted a simlar thing for 50Hz on component for media centre, all I got back from support was please phone us. I phoned them and got someone telling me it was all down to my download speed and then she hung up!

I've also posted on the MCE developer forums again with no luck, to be honest I sometimes think MS forget there's a complete world out here of non NTSC/60Hz people.


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