Please can I have some advice on what amp to buy



Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend an amp to buy that would go well with a set of Kef KHT2005s (kef eggs+sub). Now that might seem easy, but the only problem is that my budget isnt pretty. I have roughly £150/£200(at a push) to spend on this amp.
Im looking for an amp that sounds good for music and also has dolby digital and DTS decoding capabilities, not fussed about pro logic II, but it would be nice also :)
I know that its not an easy task and I might have to go down the 2nd hand road, but I dont mind that.

Being inexperienced in the land of hifi separates, I would really appriciate some advice on what to get or do.

Many thanks,
The Sony DB870 is 230 from if you can stretch to that, which has DD, DTS and PL2.

Oh, and I almost forgot - once my 1080 arrives, I'm likely to be selling my lovingly looked after DB930 which is probably a bit better overall but has no Pro Logic2, for 200.

Originally posted by Choddo
The Sony DB870 is 230 from if you can stretch to that, which has DD, DTS and PL2.


Looks good (Edit - you mean the STR-DB780, right?), although might want to wait on a few more reviews before taking tha plunge. I would be fussed about DPL II. It's a great feature. :)


P.S. Noticed you took an interest in that ~£175 DB940 for sale right now - that'd be cool too. Still a very nice amp. :)
Yeah I like the looks of the DB940 too, but I dont think it does prologic II does it? Would it still be able to do mirrored stereo music? i.e. music out of 4 speakers.

Many thanks,
No it doesn't have PLII - but it has over 25 dsp modes to split 2 channel if that's your taste - I usually just leave 2 ch as it is. Or I use the analogue direct which gives impressive stereo

Check out the review in the Classified section - and run a search on the forums for it.

Nice :)

Ive narrowed it down now I think.

- Marantz SR-4200
- Sony STR-DB780
- Sony STR-DB940
- Yamaha DSPAX620
- Denon AVR1602

Ok, so I havent narrowed it down that much, but any comments on the above amps would be really helpful ! swaying towards the marantz at the moment.

In case you decided to go for a Yamaha, I have sent you a pm with details of an unused one I am selling.
Richer Sounds are selling the Marantz for £200 as long as you mention their latest ad in What Hi-Fi (may also be in other mags too).

I quite liked the sound of the Marantz but haven't had a listen to any of the other units. Do make sure you get a unit with a green spot/mark on either the box or the back of the unit itself though.

This will mean it's had the remedial work carried out to alleviate an issue with pops/crackles on DTS soundtracks. Search on this forum for DTS & SR4200 for more information.

I was put off the Denon by the lack of digital inputs, but as usual buy with your ears.
Ah nice one - £200 sounds a good deal, I'll give them a ring later.
Oh and make sure it has a green sticker - newer ones should have from what I read.

ive just bought the same set of speakers and incorporated the marantz sr5200.....

some teething problems which i hope to iron out.
Watched Usual suspects once set up was completed but centre speaker was weak therfore sure my marantz set up is not quite correct.

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