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please advise re setup of mce2004

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows' started by newstuart, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. newstuart

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    Apr 22, 2004
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    Hi all,
    I have had to completley reset and re load my pc today due to a number of viruses it had (thanks to the people who left advice for me about this earlier).

    I have just updated to windows service pack2 and microsoft media player V10
    as advised by microsoft. Of my total memory (152 gb) i now have 138 gb left. Is this about right as all the pc has on it is microsoft xp ,media center & norton anti virus?
    I would also welcome advice on a few other things,
    1)what add ons are worth having with this set up (ie powerstrip etc) ?I didnt try any of these last time around but as ive gone to all this trouble i want to get the best set up i can
    2)I need to re-install my music onto the hardrive for media center jukebox.
    is it possible to compress the music beforehand in the same way i can when backing up a dvd ? I only want to do this to keep as much memory spare as possible
    3)The system has a habit of taking a long time to find the TV image when selecting MYTV (around 30-40seconds) any ideas on why? When i first bought the pc it only tool a few seconds at most

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