Question Please advise on Toshiba or Sharp budget 40" TV choice!


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Hey AV Forums

I would appreciate any advice on my next TV choice. My old 2012 32" Toshiba 720p LCD TV has recently given up the ghost so I've been hoping to replace it with a 40" model. I sit about 2m from the TV and I don't need 4k UHD capabilities so a sub-43" 1080p TV is all I need right now and with the current economic climate I am looking to spend max £250.

From reading existing posts I appreciate that TVs in this range are not going to be quality products with good quality screens and features but I am not in a position to be fussy so all I need is a workmanlike screen for TV, movies and sub-4k gaming. The extent of any built in smart features aren't a deal breaker as I use a youview box and Chromecast.

I've identified three products all at £219 with Currys (one of which is a 32" mind you!):
* 32" LG 32LM6300PLA (LG 32LM6300PLA 32" Smart Full HD HDR LED TV)
* 40" Sharp 2T-C40BG2KE1FB (SHARP 2T-C40BG2KE1FB 40" Smart Full HD LED TV)
* 40" Toshiba 40LL3A63DB (TOSHIBA 40LL3A63DB 40" Smart Full HD LED TV)

I have seen the LG in store and the HDR10 screen was excellent however I feel I can look past this for the larger screen for now as I will probably replace whichever TV I buy next with a quality 4k unit in a few years and move this TV to the bedroom. Therefore, my question is really which is 'best' between the Sharp and Toshiba? Neither appear to have any HDR10 function and are just 1080p, which is fine for me.

I have read on other posts that Toshiba TVs are made by Vestal and aren't great quality. Would this also apply to the Sharp? Might they both be Vestals with different bezels and software with no appreciable difference?

The Toshiba has been reduced by Currys today from £250 to £219 whereas the page for the Sharp suggests that it was originally £300 and is £219 in a 'limited deal'. I gather this is probably just marketing and original RRP may not have any bearing on the quality of either TV as they are merely budget products. I need to get a TV soon so I may just have to toss a coin!

Any comments or advice are welcome, thanks!


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My recent Toshiba branded 32 inch 1080p (for cheapness) is indeed a Vestel; I believe they have bought the brand from Toshiba who no longer make any consumer TVs. It's absolutely fine; better, in fact, than the "genuine" Toshiba (also 1080p) it replaced. Mine is fully "smart" as it happens, and I do find the EPG-driven catchup offering (= Freeview Play) quite useful.


I'd probably go for the sharp myself. Sharp is owned by Chinese company UMC and they still produce the TVs in their European factory.

Toshiba is owned by Hisense but they name 'Tohsiba' are ran as a separate outfit and have a contract with Vestel in Turkey to produce TVs. Build quality/picture quality will be questionable with their TVs.

But really since your budget is so low, I don't think you are going to be able to pick a TV up that is conceivably better than the next.

Have you considered this TV instead?

Hisense tend to make terrific models in the budget segment, so there's a good chance this has the edge on the competition. They also make their own TVs like UMC do.

I wouldn't want to go for a 32" at your viewing distance, its very far for a small TV. Even 40 is very small. A 50" or 55" TV is more suited 2m away for HD viewing and you can find them almost as cheap as the models you are looking at. For example this: Buy Hisense Roku TV 55 Inch R55B7120UK 4K Smart LED TV with HDR | Televisions | Argos would be a much better all-round TV than the others.


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Many thanks for the replies, it has given me some very informative food for thought.

I fear I have missed the boat on the Toshiba and Sharp units as Currys seems to have sold out of every description of 40" smart TV of every brand they were stocking this morning!

I had never considered Hisense but I see they have good reviews, I'm kicking myself as I hadn't thought of Argos and the Hisense is sold it in my region. Argos have/had some great deals. As I don't particularly need a smart TV I am considering the 1080p 43" Panasonic TX-43G302B (Buy Panasonic 43 Inch TX-43G302B Full HD LED TV | Televisions | Argos) at £250.

It's my understanding that Panasonic also dabbled with Vestel in the recent past, would this model happen to be a Vestel?

A model on Argos which is now sold out is the 1080p 43" LG 43LM6300 which is also on sale with Hughes (LG 43LM6300PLA 43" Full 1080 HD Smart Active HDR TV) for £299 and features HDR10 etc.

Objectively, would it be worth pushing to get the LG instead of the Panasonic just in terms of picture quality and slight future proofing?


As you suspected, Panasonic lower tier models are produced by Vestel much the same as Toshiba's. I'd avoid.

Objectively, would it be worth pushing to get the LG instead of the Panasonic just in terms of picture quality and slight future proofing?
I don't think there's much in it between all the TVs. If I was buying I'd prefer to buy from a manufacturer making their own TVs so either the Hisense I mentioned or the LG.

Don't be tricked by the LG having HDR10 though, its not a capable HDR TV. Every TV and their dog carries HDR support but very few can display it. Its not any more future proof or anything.

Smaller TVs are bottom of the barrel models now. Very little difference between the best and the worst.


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Fortunately for me Argos are showing stock again for the 43" 1080p LG so I have placed an order for one as the Hisense TVs are out of stock in the stores near me.

Many thanks to Dodgexander and LV426 for your kind replies. This forum is very useful and the members are clearly very knowledgeable. I've certainly learned a lot of information here that simply isn't available anywhere else to assist and educate the consumer. Cheers!

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