Please advise on best way to reduce video file sizes (.mov files)


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Just taken some footage of the kids on my Nikon D7000 but was rather concerned that 90secs at 720p was nearly 0.5Gb in size :eek:

Obviously this is soon going to fill my hard disk.

What is the best way to convert to a more more realistic size say around 75mb without sacrificing too much quality ?

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There's only the following ways to reduce the size of a digital video file most of which won't be available to you in camera.

Use a more efficient compression algorithm

Reduce the bitrate used.

Use a smaller resolution.

Shoot at a lower framerate

Not really familiar with recording HD on DSLR so can only give general advice.

Assuming you want to stick with 720p 1280 x 720 at 50fps.

Look for a compression change option, just like stills for instance using jpeg over camera raw will produce smaller files. For video look for H264/AVC or Mpeg4 compression.

HD video uses a lot of memory.

Consider this.

If uncompressed

1280 x 720 at 50 fps needs to deliver 1280 x 720 x 50 x 60 pixels for one second of video. Each pixel will require at least 24 bits of colour information. (8 Red 8 Green 8 Blue).

So in 1 second we need 1280 x 720 x 50 x 60 x 24 bits.

Divide by 8 to get bytes/sec. Divide by 1000 to get approx Kilobytes/second of video. Multiply by 60 for 1 minute of video you will see the size of the problem :D


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Thanks - what about converting the mov files afterward on the this a better option?


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Any advice on what options to use in super to reduce the file size whilst keeping as much quality as possible ?

The source files will be .mov's

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