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I currently run Senn HD650s from Xonar Essense STX, but my speaker system is lacking in comparison. My speaker setup is using the Essense > 11 year old Kenwood Hi-Fi system that cost around £300 at time of purchase.

I am looking to spend £300-400 to upgrade. My options are to buy a pair of AudioEngine A5s and leave it as that. Or to keep an eye out for any decent amps and speakers on eBay. For my budget, what should I be looking out for on eBay? Would you advise that buying separate speakers and amp would be much better than the AudioEngine option? I have also considered wharfdale diamond 10.1 with an amp around £100 from ebay.

The setup would be 2 speakers, mainly for Rock music with my computer as the source. Thanks!

Ben Jammin

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I don't know anything about the AudioEngine A5s.

What connection will your PC be connecting to your Amp with?

A lot of people like the DM38 mini system but from the sounds of it you don't need a CD player.

You could go and listen to something like the below and see what you think:

Nad C355BEE Titanium | Stereo Amplifier | Richer Sounds

Mission MX1 Black | Per Pair | Richer Sounds

That's just over the budget, try different speakers. I hear that amp is a bargain at the price. (newer model just come out.)

Personally i have this amp and adore it:

Rega Brio 3 Integrated Amplifier - Analogue Seduction

Not as many features or power but sounds lovely and musical.

p.s. i didn't buy from that analogue seduction shop so not endorsing them as trustworthy. i got mine from: in person.

Also, thats all new stuff. No idea about Ebay/second hand so apologies if useless info!
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Hi Ben, thanks for the reply.

I don't think my sound card has an optical out, so will be connecting via RCA L/R.

As I will be upgrading in stages, I wondered whether it would be more worth while upgrading my speakers first or pairing my current hifi speakers with a new amp. My speakers have been through a lot over the years and the cones are damaged from indents.

I think those amps are a little pricey for me unless I can find them cheap on eBay. I'll look into those Mission speakers, I have read some peoples comments about the Wharfdale Diamonds not sounding great for rock/metal.


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You might also want to look at the Mordaunt Short 902i speakers. I think they sound excellent and I play a lot of rock/blues/metal. I paid £150 new a couple of years ago but you should be able to find them new much cheaper than that now that MS have brought out Aviano's

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