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    Hello, my knowledge on audio systems is minimal and i would appretiate any help(my main questions have been underlined).
    I have recently decided to purchase a new sound system to play just vinyl. Im not a DJ or anything, so a domestic turntable would be more suited.

    I will be willing to spend £250-£300 on new or 2nd hand seperate based system, not a substantial amount.

    For starters, I was looking at ACOUSTIC ENERGY AEGO 2 , which is a sub woofer with a built in amp and satellite speakers; very cheap and some great reviews in the press. *I think* the built in amp has no connections for a turntable though.
    So would a decent preamp be important to maintain sound quality?, any recommendations?

    Is this system package a good choice to use with a turntable? Or could i find better deals elsewhere? (ebay?) The trouble is i dont know any respectable audio makes for speakers, turntables and amplifiers. I was also thinking about getting a sub also, but this could break my price range.

    As for turntables, i had my eye on THE GOLDRING GR1 TURNTABLE.
    Is it worth the money in terms of performance if i can find a older model of the same make of turntable for half the price on ebay? :

    Any help would be very much appreciated indeed. :D

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    Hi Mrken001,
    My advice to you is look to your source first i.e Turntable, then your amplification and lastly your speakers. The reasons for this are all the speakers will do is make what the source and the amplifiers produce audible. Amplifiers can only work with the signal they're sent from the source. Bottom line is: Bad source, great amplification and speakers means bad sound played well.
    Check out the classified adds on this sight.
    Goldring GR1 would be good, also check out REGA. They started in turntables and make some brilliant ones., there's also a good list of dealers on the site. Another one to try is Again some good quality equipment all available second hand if your willing to search.
    Amplification is a fairly safe bet secondhand. No moving parts to go wrong. You may want to look at integrated amps with a phono stage. Rather than pre/power combinations. It maybe a little tight on your budget but you may be lucky.
    As for speakers if moneys tight then don't bother with a sub. Chances are make the right speaker choice and you won't need one anyway. (You can always add it later if you need to) As a general rule standmounts would sound better than floorstanders in smaller rooms and vice versa.

    How big is your listening room?
    I haven't heard the systems you have read about so I can't advise you. However I have read good reviews. What I would say is unless you need surround or a sub spend the same on some better standmount speakers. They'll sound better.
    Hope this helps.

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