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Good day to everyone!

I`ve got the old Sony midi-system Sony LBT-D105. Unfortunately as I think tha loudspeakers supplying with this system are the real rubbish. Because I cannot enjoy listening to the music I like. I mean everytime when I listen to heavy rock I have the dirty bass sound. I can solve this problev with EQ. But I haven`t the deep bass. Now I think it`s proper time to change the speakers.
Please advice the budget floor standing speakers with the price up to 150 pounds. The amp parameters are: RMS 20W + 20W (6 Ohms), Music power output 35W + 35W (6 Ohms). I looked through Wharfedale Vardus 400. But maybe there are the other opinions?
Thanks in advance!


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Welcome to the forums :smashin:

Whilst the amp would work with those speakers, I seriously doubt it would have enough power to drive them to any decent volume. What you need to consider is that it's the lower frequencies that draw the most power.
So you should improve your amp to go with those speakers or consider a subwoofer with it's own amp.
Even then, your current kit might not be compatible with a powered sub.


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Thanks for your advice! As far as I remember in the technical specification for Vardus 400 was recommended the amp with the power output 10-100 W. Moreover the sensitivity for Vardus 400 is 90dB. Maybe this is not bad?
Unfortunately I cannot use the sub, the Sony system has no socket for this.

Thank you very much for your advice. By the way, maybe you know these speakers Tannoy SSF600. I found this on Amazon. The power output for this is 40W per channel, imdepance 6 Ohms and the price is the real value for monye. Maybe these could be better for my Sony system.

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