Plea: Recommend me a movie, PLEASE!!

Mr Cheese

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Are there any 'entertaining' movies out there? The last 3 I've seen have been real a real disappointment in my opinion, and these are films that have had reasonable feedback on - Swimming Pool (7.10/10), Secretary(7.3/10), Welcome to Collinwood(6.1/10).

All I want, is to watch a movie where I can escape for two hours. Has anyone seen ANYTHING recently where you'ved just wished the film wouldn't end?

I realise everyone has there own opinion and own tastes, I'm just gettin' a bit fed up:rolleyes: ;)


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Good films (IMHO) seen recently:

Pirates of the Caribian
Mystic River
Love Actually (did I say that?)
The last Samurai


watched underworld last night, not to everyones taste but not a boring 2 hours either

if not city of god

Mr Cheese

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I agree Finding Nemo was pretty good, although my seven year old insisted on telling me what was going to happen immediately before the event. This was due to him seeing a pirate copy (without my knowledge) round his mates house, the week before! Found City of God good, if not uncomfortable, viewing. Haven't seen Pirates yet - haven't heard a bad word about it, which is encouraging.

Thanks all for your suggestions. I'll do some investigating.

Any more?

Cheers chaps.


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i found bruce almighty enormously funny..... i havent laughed as much in a long long time..... depends if you like the carey humour, though i think it is a bit more advanced (if that doesnt contradict itself!) than his other movies.


Too Tall

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Pirates OTC is very good indeed. Johnny Depp is just brilliant.

SWAT is a good 2 hours of fun.

Too Tall.

John G

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Pieces of April (Katie Holmes is excellent)
Secondhand Lions (Caine and Duvall brilliant as usual)
Blue car (newcomer Agnus Bruckner is very impressive)

There is some really good stuff around if you just look.


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Seen most of the ones mentioned & highly recommend Finding Nemo which I have watched many times (!)
Slightly less mainstream is Buffalo Soldiers with Joachim (?) Phoenix (?) Ed Harris
Paul ;)

Rambo John J

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saw Wonderland at the weekend - based on the infamous 1980's murders involving the king of porn/human tripod, John Holmes.... we thought that was really good. Val Kilmer plays Mr Holmes surprisingly well, he definitely nailed a lot of the mannerisms and whatever. It all plays out in a similar style to Kurasawa's Rashomon, where the story is told by several different characters all with different viewpoints and you're left to make up your own mind. Certainly one of the better films we've watched in recent weeks.
The r1 disc has some decent extras (aswell as the usual throwaway guff) - a no-holds-barred 2hr documentary about John Holmes - and theres also the complete LAPD crimescene videotape walkthrough from the Wonderland murders included as an extra. It's very grim and pretty grisly as the bodies are obviously still there, but deeply fascinating too.


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Bruce Almighty, the bit with the news reader...PMPL!

Buffalo Soldiers. Excellent.

Another surprise for me was Narc.


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Pirates Of The Carribean (as above)
Finding Nemo (as above)
Hulk (yes, I liked it!)
Wrong Turn (good trad horror)
Freddy vs Jason (good laugh!)
Ice Age (bloody funny!)
Underworld (bloody loud!)
Queen Live At Wembley (sheer bloody poetry!)

Ian Carter

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I really enjoyed Seabiscuit, and so did the wife - possibly the best film I've seen this year IMO. Good and true story, excellent transfer and good strong cast.


Phil Hinton

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Surpirsed nobdy has mentioned Lost In Translation, fabulous film! And two Baftas as well for the leading actor and actress.

Agree with Seabiscuit as well, very well made.

Matchstick Men is another cert.

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