PlayTV - A Guide To Using In Windows


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I've been trying to work out how to do this for months and last night finally got it sorted.

This is a guide to using PlayTV sucessfully in Windows. :)
I've uploaded the drivers required to my site.

Download both zipped files.

32 Bit:

64 Bit:

Extract both folders.

Copy the single inf file from the 32/64_bit folder to the PCTVDiB folder and replace the original.


Plug in your PlayTV unit.

Go to Device Manager and Update Driver for the new usb device.

Select browse for driver and choose the PCTVDiB folder.

Your PlayTV unit should now work just like any other tuner.


You can even make use of the record function. :)






Live TV



Prime Time

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Nice guide - worked perfectly for me on my Vista Laptop.
I followed your instructions and Playtv was up and running on the laptop in 15 minutes.

Being able to use PlayTV on Windows is nifty and makes the device that bit more flexible.


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I can't get this working with 'Windows 7 RTM build 7600 x64'.

It says that Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

Anybody know a fix please?

edit: Nevermind, got it working by plugging it into a proper USB port. It wasn't working on my keyboards built-in USB 1.1 hub.
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There's a problem with that driver/chipset and Windows 7. Stops you flipping between channels properly, just gives black screens and occasional channels.

I edited a newer version (from 2008) which was working fine to swap channels, but I've just tried to record one program while watching another and I lost any DVB-T output. Unsure if it was a one off or a bigger issue.

A further try enabled me to record two programs, watching one at the same time. Then tried to change channel and succesfully did so after cancelling a recording when prompted. Tried once more and it BSOD'd.

Think I'll keep it but bit unsure really.
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