Question Playstation suddenly only playing HDR games at 1080p


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Hi all.

So I've suddenly had this happen. Everytime I play a HDR game now it goes to 1080p. It never did this before and I havent changed any settings. The PS4 goes to the recieve and to the tv. At first I thought it was the wires or the tv but I tested my UHD player (connected the same way) and HDR 4k works fine. So I tried plugging the UHD wire into the Playstation HDMI port and HDR games still only work in 1080p. Normal games play fine at 4k.

Is it possible some part of my Playstation has broken? I cant see any setting on it that has been changed.

Edit : from the photos I'm 99% positive the RGB wasnt grey out before and the HDR listings were never so limited. I have a top of the range Panasonic OLED released late 2018.


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