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Fingers crossed for Dirt Rally 2.0 - though I never got anywhere much in Dirt Rally - it's brutally hard.
Loads of fun on the Thrustmaster T150 though its quite a workout :)
I actually found Dirt Rally easier on the joypad than on the wheel. I can't get anywhere near my pad times with my Fanatec GT2 - the turning circle is horrid and if sharpened makes control with a wheel far too twitchy - i also have a lack of handbrake when using the fanatec so shelved it. Final nail was the feedback is more readable via the joypad than with my wheel (which admittedly isn't entirely optimised for PS4...)


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I find I'm quicker with the wheel, although I've only ever used it in VR so not sure it's the wheel or the VR what's got my times up.

Made a considerable difference though, events where I'd make 4th and struggle to get 3rd, all of a sudden getting 2's and 1's


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I was confused for a minute, why are they giving us a game from 2009!?

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