PlayStation Network Begins to Resurrect - but not in Japan


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Disillusioned online gamers nearly everywhere are beginning to rejoice with news the PSN is starting to rise from the ashes. Down since the 20th April, Sony began to reactivate the network yesterday in the USA with Europe, Australia and Latin America following.

Not everyone has been reconnected (me included) but the gradual rollout seems to be going as well as can be expected with a few hiccups here and there. PS3 and PSP gamers will need to download a mandatory system update and change their password and this can only be done on the same PS3 on which the account was originally activated. Presumably those that don’t have their original console will be able to do it from their PC's.<O:p

Services such as online gaming, Music Unlimited, PlayStation Home and voice chat are amongst the first to be restored with Sony promising free content, by way of an apology, for the downtime. Sony will be giving PSN subscribers a month’s free access to the PSN+ service and a choice of two from five PS3 games - quite what they'll be remains to be seen, hopefully not some tat from PSN!<O:p

Additionally, Sony has promised to provide identity insurance to protect in case of fraudulent use of your credit/debit cards. Details of what we'll get in Europe, again, are unknown but US subscribers to PSN will each receive $1 million worth of insurance per user, so we'd expect similar over here - hopefully that should cover most people's credit limits!<O:p

Restoration of PSN is currently being blocked by Japan's Ministry of Economy's Media and Content Industry department until their concerns are met and questions answered as to what measures Sony have implemented to prevent another breach.

We expect every last Script Kiddie will be seeing if they can take it down again so we hope they've got it right this time.<O:p


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