Playstation Move worse than XBox Kinect?


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Hi there! I currently have the latest slim PS3 and wanted to buy games for the PS move.

But I've heard that there are many advantages of the Kinect making it better than the Move:

1. generally more & better KINECT games than Move

2. generally cheaper KINECT games than Move

3. more "freedom" and more interaction (read: immersive) KINECT games than Move

4. you have to shelve more money on the Move than Kinect

e.g. for certain Kinect game you can play as 4 players without having to buy any controllers. for a Move game you have to buy 2 controllers so that's almost twice extra money out of your pockets.

5. Lag is almost nil with Move but software improvements make Kinect better than it was before.

Please tell me i'm wrong.....

I'll be mainly using the Move/Kinect for games like Wii Sports (tennis, boxing, table tennis, volleyball,etc.) or action-adventure games such as Harry Potter, Star Wars or some first-person shooters or some fitness workout/exercise games.


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Both a waste of money mate. Kinect you need alot of space if you wanna go multiplayer and the only decent games are sequels to the launch titles (or some launch titles of course!) Move has more variety gamewise but still doesn't impress overall.

Bottom line, IMO of course, Kinect is better for exercise/dance games....because it can track your body you can't cheat like the Wii!! You don't pull the pose you don't progress..simple. Move better for sports and variety...e.g FPS and on rail shooters. FPS will destroy your arms tho but it does feel more responsive for sports games when you are holding something and you can add spin etc.


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What i am trying to look at is the economics & financial side of things. I will be sacrificing a very good Blu-ray player, full 1080p output, internet surfing, PS Home, exclusive games, catch-up TV services amongst others with my PS3.

My issue remains the same: will i save money in the long run buying games/hardware for the Move? Is the lag issue being addressed by Microsoft on the Kinect? are there more exciting games on the Kinect than Move?

I will be mainly be using a Kinect/Move for fitness/exercise games and also the odd FPS or action/adventure/sci-fi/fantasy games such as what they've done with Harry Potter, Killzone or that upcoming Star Wars game. so presuming i only need a "starter pack" that is around £40. but with 2-player action game (like say Table tennis or some action-platformer) that mean i have to shelve out an extra £40 making it £80 in total am i correct?

And someone stated that some games needed that additonal nav controller. how would i know if a game i want to buy needed a nav controller? that's an additional £20 (or less) and together with my wife that's £40 in total. £80 + £40 equals £120 overall.

for one game would you say that's still "cheap" and value for money?


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I know it's not ideal, but you can use the left hand side of a normal controller instead of a nav controller. I've been doing that myself until I got 1 for £10 in the black Friday sale! (was on hol in Florida)
Now just need a sharp shooter gun!


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I've got both Move and Kinect (well the kids do). I'm not overly keen on either tbh, but of the two I prefer Move.

Whilst Kinect is more impressive, the fact that that it is not used in conjunction with a controller is really limiting. It's great for games that involve running (in a straight line!), dancing etc but beyond that hmmm.

Move seems more limiting in that it only tracks one limb, but it's the important limb (the one holding the gun, racket, club etc) and tracks it more accurately/subtely than Kinect. Plus you are using the controller buttons and stick to perform other actions.

If you're happy with your PS3, I certainly wouldn't switch to Xbox simply for Kinect.


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gino_76ph said:
What i am trying to look at is the economics & financial side of things. I will be sacrificing a very good Blu-ray player, full 1080p output, internet surfing, PS Home, exclusive games, catch-up TV services amongst others with my PS3.
Xbox has full 1080p output, the exclusives for xbox are very good ( gears of war and fable to name 2) and 4od and channel 5 OD are now on live. BBC iplayer is being released in the next few months as well


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I'm now inclined to stay with my PS3 more than ever. Move in terms of accurateness, overall savings on hardware & games and not needing a lot of space is starting to grow on me. plus a Blu-ray player, PS Home and being a multimedia entertainment system. and BBC iPlayer of course.

I will only be playing FPS, 3rd-person shooters, action games (similar to Harry Potter or that cool Star Wars Kinect game) and some fitness/exercise for me and the missus.

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