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I have my PS5 console set so that I can party chat with my friends through my microphone and play games with the sound through the telly.

The trouble is that when I am done with the party chat, when I pull out the microphone from the controller, the sound from the telly practically mutes, not fully as you can hear it a little.

To get the sound fully through the TV again, I put the microphone back in and out of the controller a few times (the sound coming from the telly again when I put it back in) and only then does the sound come fully from my telly with the microphone out of the controller.

Has this happened to anyone else and what is the fix?

A second problem has come to light, it has only happened twice and I've had the console for about 3 months. While playing a game, the game stopped playing and the PS5 started to make a "juddering" noise. When I closed the game it stopped and carried on working as normal.

So far its only happened twice. Once on Battlefield 2042 (disc version) and one on Crysis (digital version), as Crysis is digitally downloaded the juddering can't be linked to reading discs.

Help with these two problems much appreciated.


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The TV sound muting sounds (no pun intended) like a feature that has been enabled to prevent excessive and sudden loud noise to the speakers, which could potentially damage them, when switching from the microphone back to the TV speakers. Not sure if there is an option on the PS5 that does this as I do not use the microphone on my PS5 personally (I do not play games online) but you could try looking under the Audio settings? If not then try your TV as the setting may be on that rather than the console.

As for your second issue, it sounds like it may be the fan ramping up when playing demanding games. It may even be the fan spinning and causing a loose panel to vibrate that you are hearing. Do you have your PS5 horizonal or vertical? Is the base securely attached to the PS5?

You could try removing the base and the top and bottom panels and seeing if that gets rid of the noise? This would allow you to see the fan to see if the noise is coming from there. There have been reports of a loose sticker causing strange noises from the fan but that doesn't sound like the issue that you are having.

When you say the game "stopped", do you mean the game crashed or froze when the PS5 started juddering? If so then this could be a fan issue? Maybe the fan is stuck or cannot spin fast enough causing the juddering and the game to crash? Then again this would cause your PS5 to overheat and you would see a warning that the console is shutting down if that was the case.

Sorry I can't offer more help. Hope you are able or have been able to fix it.
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Thanks for your reply, I have checked over the PS5 microphone settings over a dozen times but am unable to find the problem. I don't play my telly very loud and my friend seems to have no problems like this with his PS5.

I have my PS5 vertical and is securely attached to the base, the juddering has only happened twice since I've had it, the game froze and I had to restart it.

Thanks for your suggestions though, I will look into them.

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