Playstation 3, Monitor + Headset Questions




While I was looking for information through Google, I saw this forum, and saw some good posts about the Playstation 3. Well I am thinking to buy one, but I am kinda low on budget, and I can't afford a HDTV.

I read that a monitor can be used with a PS3.I will mainly use the PS3 for gaming.I read some stuff that gamers should go for monitors.But can someone give me a little more information about this? How does it work?

I know that I need to buy a HDMI to DVI/VGA convertor, but I will appriciate if you could give me some more information about this.Maybe some links to some Monitors that are low priced, but with decent quality?

My second question is about headsets. I know that bluetooth headsets work just fine, but I wanted to ask will USB headsets work?

Thanks in advance,


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