Playstaion 2 or Gamecube???

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I used to have a PS1 and loved the game Medal Of Honor. I am now thinking of getting another console after seeing the new MOH advertised. However. Which do I get, PS2 or Gamecube. Which has better sound graphics etc. Is there a massive difference in these machines or is it 6 and 2 threes. Also, do you need a scart lead on your tv or can you use the old aerial lead. any help appreciated.



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Will it never end? :p

Please run a search for this query as there are about a gazillion threads :)


ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz how many times has this been asked :) yes you can plug into the aerial socket but i am not sure if thats the lead you get with it as mine is a U.S machine. As for better you dont need to be a genius to know the gamecube has better graphics WHEN THEY ARE UTILIZED EG METROID) as its a newer machine newer technology, PS2 has more games out but i like the Quality over quantity statement :)

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i have a ps2 and gamecube, recently sold xbox as i couldnt be bovered with it no more, well medal of honor is much better on the gamcube, i say this because i have both version on ps2 and gc, the gc has a much better frame rate and has a new multi player feature which the ps2 doesnt.


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I think both console come with a composite lead that will plug into your aerial socket. If you want Scart you usually have to go out and buy a lead separately (like the PS1), but the results are worth it if you have a Scart socketed TV.

As to the other part of your question, believe it or not you're not the first to ask. It's been discussed many many times, so I suggest you do a search. It's not usually a constructive discussion, but some interesting things have been said recently. I'll edit this post with some links when I get time.

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Here, and follow the link in the first post &
here, for a load of links in Neoblade's first post.
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