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I have a Denon X3200W and two subwoofers. The subs are similar but not identical: BK Gemini I with an 8" driver and a BK Gemini II with a 10" driver. The connections and controls are identical.

The Gemini II is normally placed next to the left main. The Gemini I is normally placed by the side of the sofa. This works for wife approval factor (and also mine). Most of the time, we use the front sub but for some films we turn on both. We like the effect, it quite literally adds to the feel of the low frequencies.

This is likely to remain our standard configuration but, when the wife is out, I like to play. Here is an idea that I am tempted to try.

The Denon has two sub outputs but they are just the same. I cannot afford to upgrade to an AVR with independent sub outputs but I thought that I might be able to approximate it as follows.

Move the second sub next to the right main so that the set-up is symmetric. Set the mains back to large so the AVR only sends the LFE channel to the subs through the usual low level connections. Next I will connect the high level inputs of each sub to the main that is next to it. I can then try to manually configure the system using the sub's controls.

I know that low frequencies are not easily located but I thought that if the two subs got different signals then I might some interesting varying interference effects and a nice feel.

My main concern is whether the doubly connected subs will be safe. Is there any danger that I might damage my AVR or the subs?

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