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I have a Panasonic SD 9 HD camcorder that records AVCHD files to its SDHC memory card. The PS3 plays these fine either from the meory card or when transferred to PS3 hard drive.

However the camcorder creates a new video clip every time you stop or start recording. This makes editing on the camcorder very easy but playback on the PS3 a nightmare as, unless I am missing something, it seems it is only set up to play one video clip at a time. I presume that Sony just assumed you would be playing one movie at a time and didn't provide any way for it to carry on playing the next vdeo once the first one had finished.

Fine with a 2 hour movie - useless with a 10 second clip.

Does any one know a way to get the PS3 to play all clips in order rather than just one a time?


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from memory, at least on the music tab there is a playlist option at the top before the music files/folders. If the same is there for video's i would assume you can go into that and make a playlist up. Adding all the videos you would like to play continuosly. Can't check at the moment though.

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