Playing two seperate systems at once with a splitter?


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I have a logitech Z 5500 and i was just looking into getting something with a bit more mid like the Panasonic SCAKX52GNK mini Hi-Fi system. Now if i run a 3.5ml lead from my sound card and use a headphone splitter to run it into both of these separate systems will i get an amazingly huge and full sound? or am i missing something and they will be out of time and sound horrible? I understand that the splitter will reduce some of the volume and quality regardless, but i figured it should work pretty well...

Also, any opinions on the Panasonic SCAKX52GNK mini Hi-Fi system for the price range or any alternative recommendations?



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Generally, splitting an output between two inputs is not a problem.

I suspect, to a degree, this will enhance your sound, but it depends on how close the speaker are to each other, if they are close, they should blend well, if they are in different parts of the room, the sound could get cluttered.

Next, do you have both these systems, or are you have one and are planning to buy the other. Which do you have, and which one are you planning to buy?

Panasonic -

SC-AKX52GN-K - Mini System from Panasonic New Zealand

Logitech - Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System: Electronics

Of course, since the Logitech is a 5.1, and the Panasonic is only a Stereo, you will only be able to blend the front channels, but it should still work fine.

However, if you don't have either of these, then I think we can advise you on better ways to spend your money. It would be worthwhile to know what you intend to pay of either of these system as well.

Though if you have them both, I don't see a problem with your proposal, and I'm sure the Panasonic will given tremendous weight to your front channels.



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Thanks so much for the reply wizard, thats sounding like what i had hoped. I already have the Logitech z-5500 and am just looking at buying the Panasonic additionally for $320 AUD. I only really use the 5500 for music so have no problem running them in stereo and next to each other and figure the Panasonic would be handy to have as a more portable unit as well.

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