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Dec 17, 2006
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Hi, I'm new to you lot and have a very limited knowledge of hi fi. I have a question about sacd players.At the moment I play my cd's on my sony dvd recorder and have a panasonic surround sound amp, will it be beneficial if I buy a sacd player, I didn't know sacd existed until a few days ago when I saw a War of the Worlds cd advertised to play in sacd surround sound. Could any of you be able to guide me, I would be very gratfull..... my budget is £200 max
This is a very tricky question. First and foremost because many are not convinced SACD or DVD-A has a long term mass market future, or even a future at all. None of the companies who rolled hi-res out are making particularly positive noises at this time.

However, in my opinion, there are plenty of good quality SACD and DVD-A discs out there already to make it a worthwhile investment.

With a budget of £200 I would go second hand to get the best out of the hi-res format. Look for either the Pioneer DV757I or the Denon DVD2200 multi format DVD players. Both are quality machines that will let the hi-res discs really sing. For SACD only, one of the Sony machines, such as the NS900V will do.

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