Playing PAL content on NTSC LCD HDTV



Moved over from Canada to the UK brought a 32 inch sony LCD that only plays NTSC. I would like to be able to play pal content on it, digi box, pal dvds, pal wii what are my options? One thing I found is this

just a bit down the page number 15

Converts PAL SCART RGB to NTSC HDMI for a fantastic price. Perfect for Sky TV or Cable to HDMI on an NTSC TV.

or is it just cheaper and the same to get a multisystem dvd player where I could plug in all my components (wii, satelite,digi box) and that will all convert it to ntsc and plug the dvd player into my tv?? Would that work?? Anyone can help would be appreciated


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How about upscaling PAL to 720p or 1080i? Does it not accept anything at 50Hz? If so, everything is going to look absolutely horrible. Converting 50fps to 60fps is, well...undesirable.

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