Playing Movies Via DLNA on Sony Bravia TV


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I am having problems playing Movies from my Sony Vaio PC linked via DLNA to my Sony Bravia TV, the PC and TV are synced together so recognise each other are are showing picture and music folder but show's nothing from my Movies folder tried various things but nothing,can anyone help me with this issue?


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Yep..I had the same problem. Mezzmo solved them all...easy peasy to use and when i had a problem playing some MKV files...not all..they sent a patch for the Bravia device profile in Mezzmo which fixed it perfectly. Key for me was the quality of support...which in this case was fast.


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I couldn't get Tversity to work with my Bravia and S370 Blu Ray. Twonky failed as well, both these were preinstalled on very basic Nas's, so this may have limited things for me. All my movies are self ripped MKVs.
I've had some success with Mezzmo on a PC, but haven't really debugged (no time/inclination) things with it yet, some MKV files play and some don't.


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I gave up on Tversity a long time ago, its way to fussy and has so few profiles so support for devices is limited. Mezzmo and PMS are both much better imo.


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I tried Serviio (someone mentioned it in another thread ...) and it works pretty well for video ... though I only have a small mkv clip to test at the moment.

I have also tried the USB HDD route and for me that is a better option. There are several snags ...
a) You need to "transcode" the mkv yourself. If the audio is AC3, then the process is pretty quick. I have used tsMuxeR to mux it to m2ts. If the audio is DTS, then I have use Clown BD which re-encodes it to AC3
b) The HDD must be formatted to FAT32 (if I am wrong, please let me know !) ... which means a file size limit of 4GB

One thing I found annoying is that subtitles on a HD stream do not work on the Sony's ... not sure there is anything the DLNA server can do about it though.
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