Playing media from USB HDD to xBox 360 - help


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This has probably been asked before, and if so, sorry for repeating but I coudn't find an answer...

I recently bought a Samsung S2 1Tb HDD for backing up my media files and assumed I could connect this directly to my xBox but whenever I try the portable device option is greyed out and I can't access the HDD.

I've seen threads about making partitions and things but that kind of means diddly squite to me, so any (easy to follow :D ) help would be fantastic!

I also have a question in the BR/DVD Player section, if anyone could help there too?
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There's a limit on usb drives on the 360. it can't be bigger than 16GB... sorry.
For saving games to yes but not for playing back Media which is what the OP wants to do.


Are you wanting to stream Music/Video's/Pictures from your HDD to the 360 ??

If its a USB HDD then it has to be formatted to FAT32 of HFS+ (Apple Format) for the 360 to recocgnise it.
Now you can either format the whole drive or you can create a partition which will just use a certain part of the HDD and that can be view by the 360.

To format the drive you will need some software which you should be able to get off the net if you search for FAT32 Formatter.

Once formatted then the 360 should recocgnise it and it will play back your files. The 360 only plays certain filetypes though which can be found in the FAQ on here. And also the max file size would be 4GB so it wont playback any video files bigger than that.

You may want to try this on a smaller HDD before trying it on your 1TB drive.

I used to have my 320GB USB HDD Connected to the 360 for music and video's but purchased a 1TB NAS Drive and stream everything via that and needs no formatting of the drive.

Hope that helps
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