Playing Large Sized HD Video Files Over A Network


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I am currently having problems playing some large sized HD content, 80Gb HD movie files to be precise. I am currently using VLC to play the files on a Windows 7 based HTPC though my NAS. Nothing to my knowledge is running at max capacity but im still getting jumpyness on the video files. Please see hardware below:-

Current Hardware
Synology DS712+ NAS Drive DS712+ Products - Synology Inc. Network Attached Storage - NEW NAS Experience
Gigabyte Network
Netgear Gigabyte Switch
Client Desktop Playing Media Specs (Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4-B3 Motherboard, Intel i5- 2500k Processor, 8Gb Ram, 256GB Crucial SSD Drive, Nvidia GTX 560 Phantom w/ HD Audio, Gigabyte Ethernet)

I have checked both the recourse monitors on the NAS and the client PC while playing the media and both are running at around 20% CPU usage and both have accommodating amount of RAM to support the required load. The video is requiring about 5-8MBps though the network which should be easily attainable by the network & the NAS. I have tested the NAS data transfer speeds and everything seems fine. File Transferring a HD file to the NAS im getting 50-60MBps and from the NAS 100 MBps.

Im currently brainstorming as to where my problem is .... Any Ideas???

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It's "gigabit" (billions of bits per second) not "gigabyte" (billions of bytes per second.) "Gigabyte" is an equipment manufacturer.

The size of the files shouldn't matter, it's the bit rate requirements that's more relevant. 5-8mbps should be easy for even 100mbps ethernet to cope with.

Have you tried a different media player...?

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