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Hi guys

I have a technical question. My set-up is that my sky and dvd player are connected via scarts to my video, which is then connected with an s-video cable to the pw5b plasma. The sky picture is fine, but the dvd picture intermittantly goes darker.

This has only just started happening although i've been using the plasma for some 8 months. Panasonic have told me that it's because i'm connecting through the video, and certain dvd's have this mechanism which prevents copying- hence why the picture goes dark intermittantly!

I have never come across this before and wondered if anyone else has - they suggest using their tuner box, but so far i have resisted- is there an alternative?


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What you may be seeing is a copyright protection system called "Macrovision" which is designed to stop people copying video data.

Try connecting the DVD direct to the plasma rather than routing it through the video. This will prevent what you are seeing and probably give you a much better picture...

Have a search through the forum to see advice on how to best connect a video, DVD and sky to a Panny 5 plasma...

Good luck!!!



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No i don't use the tuner box- pany have suggested i go through the tuner box instead.

The issue i have with the direct connection is that it is all wall mounted and the cables are already routed through the wall- so ideally i don't want to have to take it all apart again to connect the dvd directly.

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